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Creating a small vegetable garden When creating a garden, almost everyone always uses plants to beautify the park. And to create the beauty of a garden, not necessarily to use plants that cost sometimes very expensive so budget or funding is needed so swollen.

Vegetable and fruit actually be selected to create a garden. Many advantages are obtained when using vegetable and fruit garden. One of them of course is the crop plant itself. In addition, many types of fruit and vegetable crops are planted relatively short age, just in a matter of months. By using this vegetable more often then we can replace the kind that does not cause burnout or boredom. Because the look and feel that will result in ever-changing.

Especially for vegetable crops that can produce fruit. Imagine if in the park there are different kinds of plants that are fruitful and with striking colors and contrast. Of course, this will cause a sensation and the dramatic atmosphere of its own.

If the land is wide enough, then put some fruit and vegetable crops are large and have a long life. For example, mango trees, guava, cinnamon and so on. Keep the plant is placed in the middle, but can not close the outlook for house building. The building houses a whole must remain visible when viewed from the outside or the street.

Plants of this besides making could create an impression of majestic calm and dignity. Then, under and around the tree can be given fruit or vegetable crops are small. This plant can be are placed in pots or planted directly.

If you want to be planted directly, in order to have artistic, media land use need to be added so that the position is higher than the surrounding ground surface. Types of plants that fit is mustard, celery, carrots and so on. These plants require less sunlight. So with this placement of large trees also act as a shade for vegetables underneath.

Then at the edges and sides of the garden can be plants that are not too big but not too short. For example, chili or tomato. In some parts of the plant may also be higher, but is soft or not woody. Examples of the most easily obtainable and papaya trees are found. Adjust so that the plant can mingle and become one unified whole.

For chili, tomato and other vegetable crops, after the harvest usually will dry up and die. For a few weeks before harvest, the new plant should be prepared. So when the harvest is over we stayed repeal vegetable or fruit and replaced.

If the land is used to create a garden is not so widespread, the number of large trees were planted just one alone. In addition it must be diligently cut that is not too dense, so the sunlight can still get into the house. The concept of system selection and tree planting fruits and vegetables that are small is also not much different from berlahan extensive gardens. It’s just that the amount should be reduced.

If too much will not display gardens obtained, but would like a plantation. Certainly the impression gained also be different. Because the gardens and parks have different perceptions and concepts. Wildlife prefer the beauty of the display, while prioritizing plantation crops. It is important to understand exactly when you want to create a garden of vegetables and fruits.

If in the park there is a canopy or carport for the car park, to be given peneduhnya vegetable or fruit plants that propagate. For example, fruit trees pumpkin, watermelon, melon and so on. That needs to be factored in here besides arrangement must remain artistically height is also a problem. If it has been fruitful, the height of the canopy or carport will be reduce because the fruit will hang towards the bottom (such as lanterns).

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