6 Garbage Disposal Repair Options

6 Garbage Disposal Repair Options

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The garbage disposal process can be really problematic in the homes and it can lead to many other problems. It can also be annoying as well as time-consuming when repairing it. The garbage disposal system can become clogged due to debris or food particles that prevent the free movement of the fly-wheel that grinds and spins the food particles in the system. If you find such problems, you should not worry so much since you can be able to fix these problems by yourself. It is therefore very important for everyone to know some of the most common garbage disposal repair options. Some of these options include the following.

1) Disposal tuning tool

This is a very special turning tool that comes together with the garbage disposals. It is just like a hex key and is also known as Allen wrench. You can use this tool to fix some of the problems since it fits well in the hole found at the lower part of the garbage disposal. You should use this tool and insert it in that hole and start turning it in a to-and-flow way. This is a simple way that you can use in fixing the problem rather than hiring a professional since it may be costly and time consuming. If you do not have this tool, you can purchase one from the nearby hardware store.

2) Drains and clogs

This is a common problem with the garbage disposals. Before you do anything, you are supposed to use the drain cleaner and see if it will work out fine for you. If you find that the sink is still clogged, you should put a large bucket under the drain as well as use the pipe wrench in order to take apart the pipe fittings. When the P trap has been located and removed, you will be able to remove the clog by yourself. If in this area there is no clog, you can use a snake so as to get further down the drainpipe and you will be able to remove the clog.

3) Power Glitch

You may find that your garbage disposal stops working once in a while. This is mostly caused by power overload. Fixing this problem can be somehow tough since you may be required to push the reset button on the disposal and then reset it. The first thing you should check is this button since all disposals usually have a reset button. If the reset button fails to work out for you, you need to check and see if there is any problem in the wiring. If this is the case, you will need to access your skills as an electrician so as to fix it.

4) Running water

You should always ensure that the water is running freely and nothing gets stuck on the spin cycle inside the garbage disposal and the wreak havoc. Once you are through with washing your dishes, you should run water for about 30 seconds. This ensures that all particles have been flushed out and therefore no clogging can occur.

5) Tighten all the connections

You are required to check for any available leaks by simply running the water through the system. You should tighten any connection you find water leaks. You can also try taking the whole unit apart and replace the seal. If the leak does not stop, just replace the drain gasket. By tightening all the connections, it ensures that water is not leaking and therefore the water will have high pressure to push away all the particles in the system.

6) Checking for obstructions

The main cause of the disposal problems is getting things stuck in it. Some of the objects can be located by removing the splash guard and using a flashlight to check. You should remove all the objects you see using pliers or tongs. Once you are through, you can test your garbage disposal by running cold water through it. Other simple options include the following:

– Keeping your hands away from the drain

– Checking the breakers

– Freeing the flywheel

– Maintaining the impellers

– Removing clogs

Fixing your garbage disposal by yourself is very simple as long as you follow the above garbage disposal repair options. If you find that your disposal requires some repair, you can just use the above tips and surely they will work out fine for you.

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