Creating a Design Balcony in Home

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Creating a design balcony The balcony is an important factor determining the aesthetic value of the house or on the front facade, especially to have two or more floors. The balcony itself has a meaning that is located on the terrace upstairs. With the balcony, the home looks more beautiful will rise.

While the function is the same with its own balcony terrace located on the bottom floor, which is to relax and be a way for the sun to get into the room as well as a place for air circulation.

Compared with a terrace, a balcony has some advantages. Among others, if used to enjoy the natural scenery around, rare views from the balcony could be wider. Cool air is also obtained more because air circulation is freer and not blocked by a wall or fence.

For applying the concept of minimalist design, form a nice balcony is a simple trellis fence plain fed horizontally or vertically. Materials used can be wood or metal. As for the classic style house, trellis motif carvings were installed. Then to have a design country house, the applied force tends to create the impression of a male with a darker color. The material used for this house is generally of wood.

Of particular interest in the use of the fence to the balcony was the size should not be higher than the size of the fence. However, the shape and desainya should remain the same. If the size of the fence on the balcony will result in a higher aesthetic value of the house will be reduced (not matching or aligned).

When creating a balcony, carefully calculate incoming solar direction. It is recommended that the balcony was not facing toward the sun would sink. Because the sun would heat sink has more properties that can damage parts of the room, especially the wall paint and furniture perbagai inside.

If circumstances do not permit, the balcony can be a variety of tree that is placed in a pot so that sunlight can be blocked. Choose the type of tree that has a certain height so it can block sunlight to the maximum. But if sunlight can still enter using another method, which uses plants that can grow hanging down and placed in a hanging pot.

In addition to considering the size of the building, creating a balcony also had to adapt to the environmental conditions around the home, particularly the width of the existing road in front of the house. If the course has small size and narrow, then the size of the balcony should also be able to adjust, should not be so great. If the balcony is too big, beautiful display is not obtained, but the impression of solid or tightness that will arise.

In contrast, if the road has a very large size. Sized balcony can also be made to the maximum, so that it can be seen from outside the maximum and the impression that emerges will feel more spacious.

If the house is located on the street let alone in the middle of the city, of course also more dense traffic. This effect in the form of noise that could interfere with the vehicle. In order to keep the balcony can give peace, should be positioned to fit into. So not jutting out.

Also taking into account if the area in front of the house there is also a storey building and both have balconies. Keep the design of the balcony is covered so it does not interfere with more comfort and privacy. But this should not be a closed design preclude eyes to enjoy the wide view. If blocked it will not differ much with the space given only a window or door only.

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